10 reasons to use our Marketing and Advertising service

  1. Versatile – you can advertise on the go and/or stand in one spot; it offers an elevated platform permitting various advertising options;
  2. Different –Segway immediately attracts the attention and curiosity of passers-by;
  3. Mobility – it can turn on its own axis, which makes it effective in a wide variety of spaces; no special road surfaces are required, as Segway can be used on pedestrian sidewalks or in other public spaces;
  4. Highly autonomous – with a charged battery a Segway can travel up to 40 km;
  5. Small size – it is not much wider than a person and can pass through narrow spaces;
  6. Transport capacity – various objects can be transported by placing them in one or two of Segway’s cases;
  7. Fast – advertising can be executed more quickly than on foot;
  8. Safe – it functions in accordance with basic safety rules, therefore there is no risk of the rider getting hurt or hurting passers-by;
  9. Economical – does not require fuel and recharges using electrical power;
  10. Ecological – eco-friendly, does not produce noise or pollution.


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