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AlgarvebySegway is a company that offers innovative and ecological solutions for human mobility.

One of our main objectives is to promote tourism itineraries with an ecological vehicle known as Segway. Our aim is to rent Segway to tourists and members of the general population interested in experimenting with this revolutionary vehicle, investing in an eco-tourism concept and a whole new concept of mobility.

Because of its characteristics, we also feel Segway can be used by companies who wish to make their business more profitable and guarantee visibility. They can use Segway for marketing actions, advertising or simply to provide leisure for their customers or employees.

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AlgarvebySegway essentially offers two types of services:





what is it?

Segway is the most fun and eco-friendly way to travel in the city, country or even at the beach!

Segway is a two-wheeled electric vehicle that uses the equilibrium of its driver to bring about travel movement. By leaning forward, backward, to the left or to the right the driver “orders” Segway to move in the intended direction.
Because it is no wider than a person, Segway is perfect for travelling on sidewalks, bicycle paths or roads without disturbing other people.

The invention

Invented by Dean Kamen , this vehicle has been in existence since end 2001. It is equipped with a system of sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers and microprocessors that adjust to the terrain and the position of the rider’s body at a rate of over 100 times per second.

Because Segway is an electric vehicle, it needs to be recharged. It uses two li-ion batteries for storing energy. One full charge takes about 8 hours and provides the vehicle with autonomy for up to 40 km. The power used in a single battery charge is a mere 1kw!

You can find out more at or watch the Segway i2 introductory video


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Jardim Manuel Bívar em Faro, junto ao Coreto, from June to September

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    AlgarveBySegway – Segway Rental – Team Building, Marketing, Advertising and Events with Segways