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      Because Segway is so easy to ride, lightweight, easy to handle, does not produce noise and, most of all, does not harm the environment, it is a veritably revolutionary vehicle! Your curiosity will surely peak about trying it, observing it and finding out how it works!

    Because it is an innovative vehicle that is so out of the ordinary, it is no surprise that it will attract attention as you ride by. Segway will attract the attention and curiosity of even the most aloof passer-by.

    This is why Segway is the ideal vehicle for use in advertising!!!
   Your business will surely be seen and gradually recognised whenever one of these vehicles moves around in the city, countryside or even at the beach!

    What is more, because of its unique market footprint, Segway will give your company an ecological, environmentally conscious and current image.
- At a time a time and place of your choosing, we can travel to a location to advertise in the manner most convenient and suitable to your company. Our unique image allows us to adopt diverse marketing and advertising solutions: sampling actions, promotions, impressing VIP’s, conventions, indoor and outdoor events.

- Distribution of flyers, cards and other advertising media over a broad geographical area;

- Placing your company’s logo in the front of the vehicle. This alone will attract plenty of public attention when you travel;

- Another alternative is to rent our vehicles to your company so that you can use them as you see fit, in accordance with your needs.
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Birdwatching - Ria Formosa Natural Park - 1,5horas - 40€ per person!


Enjoy the beauty of the birds that migrate to the Algarve, on the Ria Formosa landscape. Join us on a tour by Segway, on Ludo, and feel in harmony with nature.

Birdwatching Tour Details

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algarvebysegway8.jpg algarvebysegway9.jpg algarvebysegway10.jpg algarvebysegway11.jpg algarvebysegway12.jpg algarvebysegway13.jpg

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